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Flat/Fixed Fees

Law Office of Wais Azami will take away the stress of future surprise bills by offering flat or fixed fees.  We also offer payment arrangements under certain circumstances.  The last thing you want after facing a criminal accusation is worrying about affordability of a defense.  We are transparent from the start.  All fees and potential charges will be discussed in advance and will need your agreement.  

Many attorneys increase their rates in order to pay for large offices, expensive staff, and a luxurious lifestyle.  Call me to discuss how I'm different.  

Best OC Criminal Defense

The strength of your defense will be determined by the details of your case AND the amount of time your attorney has to prepare your defense.  It's crucial that you allow sufficient time for your criminal lawyer to assess your case, research the best course of action, hire and interview potential expert witnesses, contact witnesses, order reports, and implement a powerful defense.  No two cases are alike--don't assume what happened with someone else in a similar situation will be the same result for you.  Law office of Wais Azami can assess your individual case whether you are in Orange County, CA or the Inland Empire area.  As a result, you must not delay. Call a top-rated attorney today for a convenient appointment to help protect your rights.  (714) 321-9999  I provide assistance with misdemeanors, felonies, warrants and expungements or any other criminal defense matters.  

Crimes & Consequences

Everyone wants a cheap criminal lawyer, but some cases aren't that simple and may requires more work--it's better to have an affordable attorney than a cheap one. While misdemeanors are minor offenses compared to felonies, they can still have devastating effects on your life. Examples of areas they may affect are:

  • Incarceration/Your Freedom
  • Driving Privileges
  • Immigration Status
  • Social consequences from curious people surfing the public information portals
  • Criminal Records
  • Employment 
  • And much more...

Your Action Plan:

  • Find an OC criminal attorney who will be local.
  • Find a criminal lawyer who is available when you need him/her.
  • Meet with that criminal attorney.
  • Make sure that criminal lawyer believes in your case.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with that criminal attorney--trust your instincts!
  • Don't delay in starting your representation.  We are conveniently located to Westminster Court, Santa Ana Court, and Fullerton Court.   

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