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Family Law Attorney

How can a family law attorney help?

OC Family Law

Family law can become complicated when dealing with support issues.  Whether you are the husband or the wife, you maybe entitled to spousal support.  Speak to a local family law attorney centrally-located in Garden Grove.  There are many requirements to consider when determining the support amount and duration.  Such factors are, including but not limited, to length of marriage, income of parties, education and skills of the parties, and lifestyle to which the parties are accustomed. 

Divorce - Dissolution of Marriage

California is a community property state for family law.  This means we have no-fault divorces where the party at fault, infidelity for example, is not penalized.  Most things are divided equally.  However, some things may not be part of the community but rather separate property.  It takes an experienced attorney to help determine such properties and to aggressively fight for your portion. W also can assist with the one of the most unfortunate parts of a separation; temporary Restraining Orders (TRO). We routinely serve all of Orange County from our Garden Grove office.

Child Support Lawyer

Creating a child requires two parents and support for the child should also continue to require both parents.  It's not only fair and equitable to both parents, but it's also good for the child.  Sometimes ego can make us think we can do it all alone, but it's important to maximize the resources for adequate child rearing by consulting with a family law attorney centrally-located in Garden Grove to serve all of Orange County.  Life is tough enough.  The children shouldn't have to suffer unnecessarily.

Child Visitation Lawyer

Child Visitation

We don't always get along with everyone.  We are not always perfect.  However, this does not mean we should be denied one of the major rights as human beings, the right to see our child or children.   It's better for the children to have access to both parents, even if it's just for a visit.  Law Office of Wais Azami with an experienced attorney in Garden Grove can help you with child visitations.  Family Law is stressful enough--don't go at it alone.

Legal Custody Attorney

Legal Custody

Think of legal custody as the right a parent has to make decisions such as healthcare, education, travel, sports activities and anything else which may require a parent's consent.  Your child can live exclusively with the other parent while you may still have equal legal custody.  Such custody is generally apportioned equally unless one parent either relinquishes it or loses it by court order.  Family law is a facet of law which an attorney can help you navigate, especially in Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Stanton, Anaheim or Seal Beach.

Physical Custody Attorney

Physical Custody

Family law states physical custody is generally where the child lives.  The parent who takes care of the child has physical custody.  Physical custody an be apportioned based on many variable such as parents' agreements or court order.  The apportionment can be based on availability of the parent, what is deemed best for the child and/or child's medical and educational needs.  An attorney experienced in family law can help you with child custody matters.  We have offices in Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and Seal Beach.

OC Divorce Lawyer

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