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Below you'll find information on choosing between a public defender (court-appointed lawyer) and a private lawyer, where to locate an inmate who might be in jail, and how to secure the inmate's rights immediately! Time is of the essence in criminal defense. The faster an attorney can get to the inmate, the faster the inmate's rights can be protected and the defense started. 

If you need immediate assistance with:

  1. Bail
  2. Stopping an interrogation
  3. Checking on a loved one who maybe in the hospital but under police custody

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  2. Decide on whether you want a court-appointed lawyer or hire a private lawyer. (Read tips below for both)
  3. Get your lawyer to visit the inmate ASAP before they speak to law enforcement, informants or other inmates.
  4. Get a bail agent (I can help clients with this portion and make sure their rates are negotiated as low as possible).
  5. Write down all of the contact information for witnesses to be able to assist with defense.


Is it better to use a court appointed lawyer like a public defender or should I hire a private attorney?

This is a very tough question and it depends on your financial situation.  Personally, I feel you get for what you pay.  If attention to detail, customer (client) service, and response time is important to you, a private criminal defense attorney is your better bet.  But if money is tight, public defenders are ALWAYS better than no attorney at all.  

Below are benefits and drawbacks to each type of lawyer: 

What are the benefits of having a public defender?

  • Free legal representation 
  • Free investigative work
  • Experience with local court and judges (this could also be a drawback)
  • Their high caseloads also mean a lot of experience 
  • They truly care about their clients, even if they may not have all of the time in the wold for them. 

What are the benefits of hiring a private criminal defense attorney?

  • You will have a dedicated attorney without being surprised with a new one at each court hearing.
  • You will be able to contact your attorney and discuss your case anytime (public defenders usually will see you the day of your court)
  • You will be paying his/her fees, not the same county which also pays the district attorney, law enforcement and judicial officers--separation is never a bad thing. I always feel I have more say on matters which I pay myself.  
  • You will be able call him/her to immediately go to a police station, jail, or hospital to protect your rights (good luck getting that kind of service from public defenders).
  • The private attorney will be able spend time explaining everything slowly and answer all questions.
  • The private attorney will be able to speak to family and friends whom the client authorizes to ease their mind
  • The private attorney can be asked to go and do a welfare check to make sure the person in jail or hospital is doing okay
  • The private attorney could assist with bail and hopefully ask for a better discount to assist with affordability.

What are the drawbacks of hiring a public defender?

  • They don't have as much time to spend on your case as a private attorney does.  I handle no more than 2-3 cases per week but a public defender may get 20 new cases per week.
  • They are overworked and overstressed. This means their lack of fresh concentration may make them miss certain details. 
  • They may sound like a broken record to the judge and district attorney if they're constantly asking for the same things over and over. 
  • They can only handle the cases in the county where they are employed. 

What are the drawbacks of hiring a private criminal defense attorney

  • They charge legal fees and the good ones aren't cheap. 
  • Some are inexperienced and not ethical enough to tell you about it. I NEVER do that--I have always teamed up with someone else if the case was too big, especially early in my career.  I won't let my ego get in the way of your defense.  I also won't charge you extra for bringing backup.  I tag-team on life cases and murder cases.  
  • You pay for all extra costs or fees such as experts, consultants, lab tests, and investigators (if needed).
  • You may not know which attorney truly cares about you as an individual vs how much money they can make

 I can be reached 24/7 via texting: 

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  • Inmate's Date of Arrest or Charges
  • The County of Arrest 

I have outstanding reviews, fantastic case results (results are never guaranteed), and strive to be the best criminal defense attorney. 

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